About the College

Exceptional Educators of Boys

Our Teachers

Our focus is for our teachers to be exceptional educators of boys who acknowledge and understand the learning needs of boys and who are accountable for each boy's achievements.

Our teachers undertake considerable professional learning in the area of boys' education and are specialists in this complex and evolving field of study. The College's Learning Committee engages teachers in all aspects of the latest trends in boys' education. This knowledge informs teachers practice in the cutting edge science of educating boys to enhance their skills to succeed.

Boys are by nature pragmatic, experiential and hands-on learners and require a curriculum that engages their multiple intelligences and abilities. At Holy Cross we do this within a supportive learning environment Boys are encouraged to take risks with their learning so that they are able to maximise their potential, and have opportunities to take on leadership roles, vocational interests and other challenges.The College also recognises the importance that sport plays in a balanced education and encourages all to participate, whether at a social or competitive level.

We specialise in boys' education.

A Disciplined 21st Century Catholic Boys Education

Internal School Resources:

  • State of the art ICT technologies
  • Specialised teaching and learning classrooms: visual, kinesthetic, auditory
  • Laptops for each student
  • Transition to high school program
  • Gifted & talented, accelerated and extension programs.

External Student Resources:

  • Online lessons from across the globe
  • Vocational training
  • CaSPA dance/drama/music.

Community Involvement:

  • Specialists talks/forums for parental learning
  • Catholic education experts.

Teacher Professional Learning:

  • Up-to-date teaching approaches and methodologies based on analysis, evaluation and peer review of current research and trends in boys education
  • Sharing of research, best practice and next practice Professional development at every staff meeting
  • A boy's education committee meets regularly to further develop our teaching of boys
  • Utilisation of expert resources

Knowing our students:

  • Pastorally, academically, socially and spiritually

External Professional Learning:

  • Connect with other best practice schools
  • Evaluate & implement programs for improvement
  • Catholic education experts.

The Science of Educating Boys

Research into boys education shows that boys need a school culture and environment that understands and supports their learning style. They also need teachers who have the skills and an understanding to:

  • build their confidence and inspire an attitude that 'boys can do anything' and one that supports persistence, planning and task-management
  • affirm the qualities of courage, generosity, creativity. commitment, responsibility, accountability (and that helps them to belong)
  • nurture their spirituality and their masculinity. emphasising connectedness, integrity and other-centredness
  • allow friendly competition and participation for all
  • provide a school with a healthy sense of humour
  • give support and encouragement to collaborate and learn from each other
  • provide opportunities to connect with nature through activities like skiing, camping, bushwalking
  • provide an environment rich in pursuits from art and music to sport and debating that promotes individual expression
  • a physical environment where they have room to move and are encouraged to be active
  • an environment that is just, fair and even-handed, and which is unambiguous about its expectations.

We offer a disciplined 21st Century Catholic education.