About the College

Our Motto and Crest

The Crest was first designed early this century, and was installed in a stained glass window of the Oratory in the Monastery building. In 1959, a larger replica was installed in the new College Chapel.

The Crest features the Waratah and Shamrock entwined, symbolising the shared Patrician Apostolate of Australia and Ireland. In one adaptation, the Harp is replaced by the Southern Cross.

The Latin motto: “In Cruce Salus” means “In the Cross (is) Salvation”.

The overall design of the Crest is technically termed "Quarterly per Cross" and "Cross Fillet". The stars indicate the Southern Cross. Clockwise, from top left, the Quarters symbolise:

  1. The Bishop's Mitre, for Bishop Daniel Delany, founder of the Patrician Brothers (and the Brigidine Sisters).
  2. The Heart, as the universal symbol of love of God and mankind.
  3. The Book of Learning (education), as the embodiment of the Scriptures, the humanities and the sciences.
  4. The Harp, as the national emblem of Ireland, the country of origin of the Patrician Brothers.