About the College

Maximising Boys' Potential

At Holy Cross, we cater to the learning needs of boys.

We promote meaningful learning in a positive and engaging environment Our focus is on each boy's academic success. We believe that by providing boys with unique leadership opportunities and an abundance of extra-curricular activities in the arts, sport, outdoor education and community service, we will help to maximise their potential.

In the spirit of the Patrician Brothers who established the College in 1891, we aim to inspire our boys to become men who see Christ in everyone they meet.

The school provides students with leadership opportunities that help them to recognise their potential. We have high expectations, and create a culture that nurtures young men to develop the skills they need to succeed. Our community of educators creates dynamic and vibrant classrooms where diversity is celebrated, and academic boundaries are pushed.

21st Century Catholic Education

We are committed to providing boys with a rich and balanced curriculum that prepares them for life after school.

The Mission of Holy Cross College is to provide a high-quality, inclusive Catholic education for boys in the tradition of the Patrician Brothers. We accomplish this by:

  • being leaders in educational practice. Teachers are continually challenged in their own learning so they can deliver the best education for every student
  • providing modern information and computer technology facilities, including a laptop for each student
  • employing innovative teaching methods
  • being an inclusive learning community. We understand that each student is unique, and requires an individualised approach to their learning.

We prepare boys for a 21st century career.

Unique Transition Program to High School

We are one of the few boys' schools that offer middle schooling. This allows boys to experience a smooth transition from primary school to high school, so that they flourish without the usual stressful demands of moving to Year 7.

Under the care of a core teacher we are able to provide the necessary time, care and creative approaches to learning that develop the skills each student requires for high school.

Through our middle school program, we identify specific talents, support learning needs, and challenge boys to participate in a full range of activities in and beyond the classroom.

We understand what boys need at high school.

Breadth of Curricula

Our aim is to enrich the learning of all boys. Our educational programs provide for the diverse learning needs of each student.

We offer a gifted and talented program in Stages 4 and 5 leading to extension subjects in the senior years in core subjects such as English, Mathematics, History and Music.

We understand that boys need to be engaged, and we offer a wide scope of subjects including Technological and Applied Studies (TAS), encompassing Hospitality, Construction and Information Technology, as well as Music, Visual Arts and Vocational Education Training (VET). Traditional classroom subjects are complemented by service and outdoor education programs such as the Duke of Edinburgh Award.

We understand that all boys need to be challenged.

Expectations of Our Students

Pastoral care is at the heart of our mission as a Catholic school.

We promote an environment that is built on mutual respect. In line with our rich Patrician traditions, we take a disciplined approach that encourages pride in one's self. This includes a focus on personal presentation and respect when interacting with teachers, peers and the wider community.

We have developed a culture of high expectations for our boys. We nurture them to become accomplished young men who value integrity, respect and honesty.

A Balanced Education for the Whole Boy

At Holy Cross, we believe that education involves more than just classroom instruction. We strive to enhance each student's worldview and focus on educating the whole person. We do this by balancing our academic program with extra-curricular and co-curricular activities in sport, the arts, outdoor education, leadership, community service and Catholic spirituality. We encourage students to contribute to these activities at many levels.

The College has a long and proud tradition of sporting success, and we promote both social and competitive involvement. We are also involved in cultural activities that include:

  • the Catholic Schools Debating Competition
  • public speaking, including Rotary Club competitions
  • opportunities to learn a musical instrument where individual performance, membership of stage bands, choirs and other musical groups are encouraged
  • film and video direction, production and editing opportunities to be involved in our Catholic Schools
  • Performing Arts (CaSPA) program
  • Chess competitions.

We know boys need to be engaged and involved.

Patrician Brothers Tradition

Since 1891, Holy Cross has continued in the proud tradition of the Patrician Brothers. We are focused on creating a culture of respect and hospitality by placing Catholic Religious Education at the heart of our mission.

At Holy Cross, Church and community life are intertwined. We take a holistic approach to spirituality by focusing on creating a positive, inclusive environment where boys are inspired to serve others.

At Holy Cross our Patrician Brothers charism combined with state-of-the-art facilities and expert teaching staff ensure your son is guided and inspired to succeed. We recognise potential, challenge young minds and celebrate achievement.

We value each student and create pathways that allow boys to flourish as they set out on their life journeys. We encourage boys to take charge of the present and look toward a bright future as young men determined to make a difference.

Welcome, Hospitality, Hard Work and Care for Others

Boys can achieve whatever they wish for at Holy Cross College. We encourage students to make the most of the opportunities offered.