About the College

Mission and Vision

The Mission of Holy Cross College is to provide quality, Catholic education for boys in the tradition of the Patrician Brothers.

Our Priorities and the beliefs which underpin them:

Priority 1: Catholic Life. Patrician Identity and Religious Education

We believe in a loving creator God. We believe that Christ is our role model and the Gospel is our script. We seek to build a Patrician community of welcome and hospitality that reflects the work of the Spirit. Religious Education is at the heart of our mission and has an organisational priority.

Priority 2: Pastoral Care
We believe that all staff, parents and students are valued members of our community and are respected through genuine and honest relationships. Boys learn best and are happiest in a structured, organised and disciplined environment which is affirming and safe.

Priority 3: Quality Teaching
We believe that quality teaching requires the teacher to know each child as a learner. Teachers must cooperatively and collaboratively plan, design and implement teaching in accordance with that knowledge. Quality teaching has an uncompromising insistence on high standards.

Priority 4: Quality Learning
We believe that every student has the right and the capacity to learn and must be challenged and motivated to achieve his personal best and take responsibility for his learning. We believe in the importance of acknowledging and celebrating the diverse range of students' achievements.

Priority 5: Finances. Resources and Facilities
We believe in the responsible stewardship of finances which promotes appropriate distribution of funds to deliver quality educational facilities and resources. A professionally-presented environment aids quality teaching and learning.

Priority 6: Parents. Partnerships and Promotion
We believe that quality Catholic education happens in partnership with families and is the shared responsibility of the community. We believe that the College must engage parents to enhance the quality of learning and promote it to the wider community as a school of excellence.

Priority 7: Strategic Leadership
We believe that strategic leadership influences and empowers others to make decisions and take action in a planned, deliberate manner. We believe that considered risk-taking and transparent evaluation leads to creative and innovative solutions to challenges that enable incremental improvements in Holy Cross College as a school of excellence.

The Key Themes of Catholic Social Teaching

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