About the College

Quality Gifted and Talented Education

Holy Cross College is proud to be a fully comprehensive, non-selective, disciplined Catholic boy's high school. We recognise that boys can show exceptional potential and talent in a wide variety of areas. As well as welcoming all and catering to the broad needs of our community, we offer a specialised academic program for gifted and talented boys. The program gives our students the opportunity to participate in an education focused on developing their gifts into talents in their area of excellence.

Gifted and Talented Learning Programs

Holy Cross targets the learning of gifted and talented boys by offering specialised activities designed to develop their talents and expand their capacity to learn. Our teachers provide individual education plans for boys displaying exceptional academic talents.

We help maximise the potential of boys across a wide range of interests. We aim to inspire and challenge.We have high expectations and our culture nurtures young men to develop the skills to succeed.

Programs offered include:

  • An accelerated program in Mathematics, enabling gifted and talented students to work at an accelerated pace in Years 7-10, in order to commence their HSC course in Year 10.
  • Inquiry-based learning programs for students in extension groups in Years 7 and 8.
  • Poetry, short story and picture book writing opportunities targeting talented writers.
  • Extension activities for academically gifted boys across the curriculum covering the core subject areas of Religious Education, English, Science, History, Geography and the Creative Arts. These take place within the classroom as part of our teaching program.
  • Holy Cross is a well-resourced school with extensive outdoor areas and playing fields.We have developed leading educational resources to cater for the needs of our diverse student body.
  • Our use of technology as a tool for differentiating the curriculum, providing gifted and talented students opportunities to work at their own pace individually and in groups, is state-of-the-art.
  • Our facilities also include video conferencing equipment, so that we can bring rich resources such as subject experts and online lessons from across the globe into the classroom.

At Holy Cross we embrace technology as a tool to enhance learning, that's why every boy is given a laptop on day one. Their text books are already installed on the hard drive, ready to use immediately.

We prepare boys for a 21st century career.

Additional opportunities that build boys' skills and knowledge

We also offer opportunities for gifted and talented boys that reach beyond traditional academic subjects. Some of these programs include:

  • Tournament of the Minds (Science)
  • The Clancy Religious Art Prize in Visual Arts
  • The ASX Share Market Game
  • Chess, Debating and Public Speaking that provide opportunities to interact and compete with students in other schools, community groups such as Rotary, and also to compete at State and National levels
  • The Australian Mathematics Competition
  • National History Competition
  • The Blake Prize (Religious Art and Poetry)

We understand what boys need at high school.

A Balanced Education for the Whole Boy

At Holy Cross we believe that education involves balancing the needs of academic ability with the particular needs of boys. We strive to enhance each student's worldview by offering a broad curriculum and a variety of learning opportunities.

We achieve this by balancing our academic program with a wealth of extra-curricular and co-curricular activities in the fields of the arts, outdoor education, leadership, community service and Catholic spirituality. The College also has a long and proud tradition of success in many sports. Programs that our boys are involved in include:

  • Leadership and mentoring opportunities through our Peer Support program, Buddy Up 'n' Read mentoring program, and Big Brother, Little Brother homework program.
  • These programs are offered because we recognise that the best way to learn is by teaching others. Through these programs, we provide training to older students in supporting the learning of their younger peers.
  • Leadership opportunities to expand the gifted and talented community through interaction with Primary schools on projects such as The Herodotus Challenge for gifted and talented young students and Art Extension.
  • The Duke of Edinburgh program from Year 9.
  • Involvement in sport at social and competitive levels. In addition, a clearly defined representative pathway is available to gifted sportsmen, giving them the opportunity to reach their potential at Regional, State and National levels in a variety of sports. Many Holy Cross sportsmen have represented their State and country at schoolboy level in recent years.

We understand that all boys need to be challenged.

Gifted and Talented Resources

Holy Cross belongs to the system of Catholic schools within the Archdiocese of Sydney. As a result, our teachers have access to a host of outstanding resources and educational experts within the Catholic Education system.

These include:

  • The Newman Centre for Gifted and Talented Students offering physical, virtual and blended learning support for gifted and talented students
  • CaSPA, our Catholic schools Creative and Performing Arts unit for the development of talent in Dance, Drama and Music
  • Southern Cross Catholic Vocational College for those students who are gifted in the Manual Arts.

Patrician Brothers Ideals/Tradition

Since 1891, Holy Cross College has continued in the proud tradition of the Patrician Brothers. We are focussed on creating a culture of respect and hospitality by placing Catholic Religious Education at the heart of our mission.

At Holy Cross, church and community life are intertwined. We take a holistic approach to spirituality by focusing on creating a positive, inclusive environment where boys are inspired to serve others.

Guided by our Patrician tradition and beliefs, we provide students with a quality Catholic education. We provide boys with the opportunity to explore their strengths and support them in reaching their potential.

Welcome, Hospitality, Hard Work and Care for Others