Current Students

Assessment Manuals

The aim of the handbook is to express in detail how the Assessment Task Programme for Years 7 to 12 is organised at Holy Cross College. It contains an explanation of procedures for Assessment Tasks in courses provided by the College.

It is important that students know for all subjects:-

  • what is to be assessed
  • how it is to be assessed
  • when it will be assessed

These assessment procedures should reward diligent students, while inadequate effort will be penalised by poor results.

Today’s assessment programme demands consistent and effective work patterns, a commitment to meeting deadlines and a determination to present work of the highest standard. Indeed, these will be the hallmarks of the successful student.

Through their sons and by contact with the College parents are urged to familiarise themselves with the assessment programme. Parents can thereby help and encourage their sons to effectively manage these tasks.

These handbooks include:-

  • The School Assessment Task Policy and the general procedures which are followed by all subjects.
  • The Subject Assessment Task Policies and Programmes showing the tasks, timing and relative weightings.

We wish to thank all members of Staff for their contributions to the College’s Assessment Task Procedures and finally offer our student body every assistance and wish them every success with the tasks that lay ahead.