Future Students

Transition to High School

The transition from Primary to Secondary school can be a stressful and anxious time for many students (and parents). Through our Middle School we offer a Transition Program that addresses students' learning, social, personal and spiritual needs to reduce their concerns and anxiety about starting high school.

Specialised Transition Program

Holy Cross is one ofthe few schools that offer Middle Schooling - this builds upon Stage 3 (Years 5 and 6 in Primary school), and smooths the introduction to Stage 4, (Years 7 and 8) in high school.

Our Middle School program offers a learning environment that identifies specific talents, supports all learning needs and challenges boys to participate in new and exciting classroom and co-curricula activities.

Under the care of their core teacher boys are able to interact and develop the necessary skills required to succeed in Secondary school. The program allows boys to flourish without the usual stressful demands that accompany starting high school.

The Middle School enjoys the regular support of additional specialists and support staff inside the classroom. This allows for better teacher-student ratios and more individualised and targeted group attention. Innovative learning technologies enable boys to enjoy the benefits of groupwork and creative projects.

Every boy is given a laptop on day one with their text books on the hard drive, ready to use immediately.

Our transition program is managed by a Middle School Coordinator who is responsible for the academic care of students in achieving their personal best in all areas of their learning. Working closely with the Middle School is a Pastoral Care Coordinator who is responsible for the physical, social, emotional and spiritual well-being of the students.These two co-ordinators are crucial links to the student's core teacher who takes on the day-to-day responsibility for your son's learning in the classroom.

Curriculum at Holy Cross

Our aim is to enrich the learning of all boys through educational programs that provide for the diverse needs of each student.

Our Stage 4 Transition Program teachers work with teachersfrom our primary feeder schools to help identify students who have excelled or have the potential to excel in a wide variety of areas.

We offer a Gifted and Talented program across Years 7- 10 leading to extension subjects available in the senior years in core subject areas such as English, Mathematics, History and Music. Our focus on careful transitioning, along with testing numeracy and literacy skills, helps to identify students' particular needs.

Help is offered with homework to students after school, two days a week. Homework Help is supervised by subject teachers who support the students in consolidating their learning and developing skills in lifelong learning. Homework Help also incorporates a mentoring program, 'Big Brother, Little Brother', where Year 11 students act as learning advisors for Year 7 students.

We guide and encourage students to make the most of the opportunities and resources offered.

Our Transition Program centres on four core areas:-

  • Before high school
  • Social and personal relationships
  • Curriculum
  • Pedagogy

We prepare boys for a 21st century career.

Before High School

Prior to commencing at Holy Cross College, new students are invited to attend a full-day orientation where they become familiar with the operation of the school. The boys undertake some preliminary testing in literacy and numeracy, and enjoy our Patrician hospitality.

Parents are also invited to attend an information evening outlining the philosophy of the Transition Program and our expectations of their sons.

In the background our Learning Support staff transfer and exchange information from parents and Primary schools. We ensure that we are well-informed about students who may require assistance in their learning through to students who need to be extended in their work.

Social and Personal Relationships

Development in the students' social relationships to help build the personal confidence is an integral part of the program. We achieve this through a number of targeted activities.

The Year 7 camp is popular with boys, and is held in the first few weeks of the school year. On the camp boys are encouraged to establish and develop new friendships.

We also run pastoral care programs that touch on contemporary issues affecting boys. Our peer support leaders from Year 11, who have taken on specific training for this leadership role, work closely with new students to help them settle into high school.

There is also an opportunity for new students to develop and demonstrate leadership skills through the role of class counsellors, elected in the first few months of high school.

All of these activities combine to ensure that each student is comfortable and confident as they start their high school years.

We maximise boys' potential.

Patrician Brothers Ideals/Tradition

Since 1891, Holy Cross has lived the proud tradition of the Patrician Brothers. We are focused on creating a culture of respect and hospitality by placing Catholic Religious Education at the heart of our mission.

At Holy Cross, Church and community life are intertwined. We take a holistic approach to spirituality by focusing on creating a positive, inclusive environment where boys are inspired to serve others.

Welcome, Hospitality, Hard Work and Care for Others

A Balanced Education

We understand that boys need to be engaged in their learning. We offer a wide scope of subjects and excellent facilities to support Technological and Applied Studies (TAS), encompassing Hospitality, Construction and Information Technology; as well as Music, Visual Arts and Vocational Education Training (VET). Classroom subjects are complemented by outdoor education and service programs such as the Duke of Edinburgh Award.

We know boys need to be engaged and involved.

What is pedagogy and how does it impact on our transition program?

Pedagogy in its simplest form is defined as the art and science of being a teacher.

Our Transition Program creates a better alignment of teaching practices that are undertaken in Stage 3 (Years 5-6) and Stage 4 (Years 7-8) so the transition from Primary school to Secondary school is more seamless and progress with students is made from day one.

We engage our students in Learning to Learn, where each boy is empowered with information about their learning and the skills necessary to achieve their full potential. Students are also assisted and encouraged to develop independent learning and reflection skills.

Holy Cross has developed the ACE program (Active, Collaborative, Effective learners) where Religious Education, English and History (Year 7) and Geography and Japanese (Year 8) are delivered through an integrated approach by one core teacher who is also the Homeroom teacher. Through ACE students engage in a variety of activities in the classroom and develops a love of learning. The ACE approach increases student engagement and develops a love of learning. This leads to students maximising their potential and gives them confidence to engage in learning in their new high school environment.

We understand that all boys need to be challenged to maximise their potential.

We look forward to welcoming your son and your family to Holy Cross College

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